About us

We are not the only one but we are the best. We have a crew trained in the latest Italian and Swiss equipment. We specialize in all daily, weekly & monthly cleaning works. Cleaning the carpets with dry foam & polishing the floors: parquet, marble, porcelain, cnaltex & vinyl. Specializing in buffets & hospitality. Characterized by steady employment, honesty, creation and discipline. .


Periodic cleaning works during the month are as follows:

Daily cleaning program:

This includes all the following works:

  • Dump and clean the trash and cigarette shades and assemble whatever residues inside the plastic bags.
  • Cleaning offices and furniture for wood, metal, mobile and fixed and Counter Blade.
  • Cleaning office tools and communication devices.
  • Clean up leather seats and upholstery.
  • Cleaning of toilets, buffets, washing of basins, sanitary ware and floors, polishing mirrors and metal parts inside.
  • Cleaning the general entrance of the company's headquarters.
  • Washing floors, tiles, ceramics, marble, parquet, etc. using materials intended for them.

Weekly cleaning program:

  • Wash the fingerprints on the walls and the foam doors using foam.
  • Wash the walls of toilets and the buffet using liquid soap.
  • Polishing of offices and furniture with its own polishing.
  • Polishing the handles and metal parts of the company.
  • Clean and polish the glass inside and outside.
  • Alumetal glass cleaner.
  • Hungary's cleanliness of the glass.

Monthly cleaning program:

  • Washing baskets of trash and changing bags.
  • Clean up high surfaces, libraries and archive units.
  • Place perfumed aromatherapy tablets with water cycles.
  • Fully wash the floor and polish it with the Sunjal Disk machine once a month.